5 reasons to NEVER attend another basket convention

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It's awesome attending basketry conventions and learning new techniques and designs but here's the draw backs.

  1. All the noise, noise, noise!  When you put that many ladies in one room there is bound to be a lot of talking.  Some times you miss what the instructor is saying because there's a LOT of teaching and talking going on in one room.
  2. A little elbow room please.  Trying to fit all those classes and all those students in a room can make for cramped weaving conditions.  
  3. I wanted to take the TOTALLY COOL class by the TOTALLY COOL instructor but the class filled up and there's no room.  Now I have to settle for this one (not really what I wanted).  
  4. The food here is like experiencing summer camp all over again.
  5. The accommodations are the same as number 4

Basketry | Jill Choate Basketry

At Western Pleasure Basket Retreat here is our solution:

  1.  We only take 20 weaving students and although we talk and laugh a lot you don't have to holler above the throng to be heard.  With two instructors (Jill and her daughter Jennah) you get lots of hands up help without waiting.
  2. We've got LOTS of tables and LOTS of room in the Great Lodge at the ranch.  If you've got a project that you need additional space for just move on over to a better space.  One of the reasons is we ONLY take 20 weaving students at most for retreat.
  3. The Western Pleasure Basket Retreat is held at the one of the top FIVE guest ranches in the nation (that's right the NATION).  Western Pleasure Guest Ranch was recently voted number 4 in the top five according to World Property Journal (read about it by clicking here).
  4. The food is out standing, served buffet style at every meal Chef Shelley puts out a spread for us.  Did your husband catch fish while on retreat?  She'll cook that up for us too.
  5. When you attend retreat you tell us what you want to weave and we make it happen.  Don't see what you want to make on the baskets that are offered?  Tell us about it and we'll make that option available to you.  How about those creatives that have something in mind but want  help making it happen...we call that an independent study.  Talk to Jill about it prior to retreat so she can have whatever it is prepped and ready to go for you to weave up at retreat.
  6. The accommodations are outstanding at the Ranch.  Take a virtual tour by visiting the ranch and checking out there youtube videos CLICK HERE



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