WWW: 5 reasons Why-We-Weave

Why do we weave baskets?  Here's 5 reasons why I keep creating baskets after 20 years of over and under.

  1. It's meditative.  Oh sure, there's the business end of things but basket making itself is just purely meditative.
  2. It's creative.  I love the inspiration process of coming up with a new basket design.
  3. It's fun.  Give me a group of women, a potluck, and a basket project and we're in for a fun day of weaving one up.
  4. It's like woven love.  I love to give and get hand crafted gifts.  There's always a story behind them and they are my most treasured items.
  5. It's a one of a kind.  Every basket maker knows  a store bought basket is just not the same thing.

      Jill Choate
      Jill Choate


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