Weaving the Twill Sided Herb Drying Basket

Appalachian Herb Drying Basket: it's one of my favorites to weave!

If you need an introduction into rib constructed basketry the Herb Drying Basket is a great first project as only the bottom is woven.  The 2" round handle that forms the sides of the basket is just one big rib until it its the round reed edge.  

The secret to weaving a rib constructed basket is learning how to do turn backs.   Here's the video tip to make sure the rest of your baskets woven in this manner are perfect:

You'll notice that before you begin your turn backs that ALL ribs are woven in at the EARS AND a strip is woven down the center of the basket.  The goal here is to make the weaving at the EARS look the same as the strip in the center (straight across).  That happens as a result of weaving turn backs.

Once your sides are evened up with this process the rest is just weaving on both sides (always keeping it even) until you meet the center woven strip.  Pretty easy huh?

The part that makes this basket stand apart from it's predecessors is that twill weave on the outside of the hoop.  It's a two-two twill that LOOKS like it's continuous but it's not.  Don't you love things that look like it takes a lot of skill but doesn't?  That's one of these...

There you have it!  A beautiful hand woven, rib constructed basket woven with LOVE by YOU!  

I use mine to serve as a pie basket, to serve cheese and crackers, a place to store mugs, (oh yeah, and to dry herbs) the possibilties are endless.  Let me know what you do with your Appalachian Herb Drying Basket.  

We're keeping the tradition alive one hand woven basket at a time!


Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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