Take your basket from eh... to AWESOME!

It's all in the details.  Like a house with gingerbread trim or like a wardrobe with accessories, a basket,  is a basket, is a basket, unless it's been detailed.

Where to start:

Before you begin to weave the basket it's time to add some pizzazz to that handle.  A twill woven handle is exceptional at any time but when woven with space dyed reed it's just plain cool.  

  • Create a warp around the handle to weave on with something small like 3/16" flat or 1/4" flat oval, make it an ODD amount so that the weave can be continuous.  The width of the handle will tell you how much is required.  Remember to leave some room in between the warp (stakes) so you can actually weave in between them (always a good thing).
  • With our Twill Oval Melon basket we use 11 stakes to warp the handle.  The odd stake takes residence on the SIDE of the handle so it looks like we have 5 on each flat side of the handle.
  • How the heck do you hold all ELEVEN of these stakes on the handle?  Masking tape, a weavers best friend.  It'll hold them temporarily until you wrap around them about five times (remember to leave a tail so you can wrap it tight) with the cane to securely to hold them in place.  You can opt to leave the tape on (it gets covered by the lashing) or take it off after the handle is woven up.
  • Think twill: over two, under two.  The pattern should always step over by one stake as it winds it's way around the handle. 
  • When you've got it covered in twill weave (1/2 of the hoop), then wrap it around 5 more times to secure the weave, make a tail and put it underneath the wrap and pull tight.
  • Now it's time to lash your VERY FANCY handle to your rim hoop.
  • Watch it happen...




Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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diane curran
diane curran

April 21, 2017

I saved and read your egg basket turn back and am anxious to try it. I fight to eliminate the holes in my egg baskets and now i hope this technique will do the trick. Thanks Diane

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