Wheelies: how to make them POP on your baskets

One of the coolest embellishments for a basket I've found is the Cherokee wheels.  The blame for my love of Cherokee Wheels begins with my friend Grenetta,  who taught my daughter Jennah,  who taught me.  Like all good things the Cherokee wheels embellishment got passed down from generation to generation (but not necessarily in order).  

I've seen all sorts of variations of the Cherokee wheel but the basic wheel looks like this:

  1. In order for the wheel to work you must have woven in a manner that will house it properly.  The pattern requires 3 rows of weaving.  The first row must be wide (think 5/8" FR or 3/4" FR), followed by a thin row of weaving (think 3/16" FR, 1/4" FR), followed by a wide row of weaving (repeat first row).
  2. The material you choose to weave the wheel with needs to be supple and of a small diameter.  #2 RR or #3 RR is my reed of choice for weaving Cherokee wheels.
  3. You begin the wheel on top and  beneath the cross bar.  The cross bar is the weaving at the intersection between the small row of weaving (row #2) and the upright stake.
  4. Weave in a clockwise manner around this cross for five to six rows.  The next wheel (or crossbar) you head to the right going DOWN to start the weave.  Continue weaving the next cross bar with 5 to 6 rows of weaving, heading to the next cross bar you will head UP.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be worth a lot more.  Here it is...

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Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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