7 tips to Assembly Line Basketmaking


I LOVE the holidays!  Even though there not here yet I'm already thinking about what has to be done and all those 10 million decisions (and tasks) that go with them.

For instance, whose house are we going to for this holiday, what should I bring for that, what gifts am I making for this person, and (the big question) how am I going to get this all done and still be sane when the holidays actually show up?

So, I start early in my planning and preparations for the holidays.  Now, let me preface this by saying I am not a proponent of the "O" word (organization) but because I am a proponent of not acting out the Jill version of the Grinch, I adapt accordingly.

With a family ancestry of 3 generations of GM workers, I know how to assembly line.  So when it comes time for all that hand woven love to get crafted into baskets we do it Henry's way.


  1. Choose something quick and easy.  Like something from the Quick and Easy Tote collection.  Like the Cherokee bushel Basket, the Hound Dog Shopper, or the Medium Backpack
  2. Consider choosing one design when weaving up multiple baskets.  It helps get your brain in a weaving groove.
  3. Weave in stages:  1)  weave the sides, 2) insert straps/rim, 3)  lash/add wheels
  4. Introduce kids, grand kids, husband, et al  into the magic of basketry and make them (ask) lash the baskets or add wheels :)
  5. Buy a kit, it's already dyed, cut to size, and the design is worked out so all you have to do is get a cup of tea, put on a book on tape, follow the directions, and weave away.  
  6. Bring a friend or family member in and make it a day of basket weaving.  Things always go faster when in good company.
  7. Think like an elf and kick into high gear.








Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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Melissa Shepard
Melissa Shepard

November 12, 2015

Wish my weaving hands could move that fast! Haha . Thanks so much for the advice.?

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