It's about the ADVENTURE

We've been offering basket weaving retreats since 2009.  We started out in Talkeetna, AK with dog mushing rides, scenic flights over Denali, and a trip to the start of the Iditarod dog race.  Since then we've offered retreats in Santa Fe, NM, Big Springs, MO, and now in North Idaho at a working guest ranch.

It's not JUST about basket weaving it's about the ADVENTURE and all the stories that go with it.  It's about quality girl time with your best buds at a working guest ranch.  It's about treating yourself to some down time in a beautiful mountain setting.  We know you need adventure mixed with some pampering so not only do we offer trail and wagon rides, we also offer full body massage at retreat.  

It's about quality instruction in a quality environment.  We only take a small amount of students at the Western Pleasure Basket Retreat.  We want you to have lots of hands on attention and with two instructors that's what you'll get.   Packed into a hotel convention room with thousands of other instructors and class mates is NOT what we do.   

It's about good food and wonderful accommodations surrounded by spectacular scenery.   At the guest ranch you'll find comfortable log cabin accommodations and food created by Chef Shelley.  We dine family style from a buffet for every meal in front of the fire place.  

Even though we no longer offer scenic view of Denali or dog mushing in the Alaskan bush we're pretty sure that the Western Pleasure Basket Retreat will offer you the adventure of a life time.  Come join us in May 2016, we only have a few spaces left and we're hoping that your name is on one of them.

For more information and to get your name on the reservation list click here:  YES, I want to be part of the ADVENTURE!


Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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