A side of twill please, embellishing your basket


It's the holiday season.  Don't you love it?  Time to dress the turkey, dress the house up, and dress up your next basket project with some twill embellishment.

You can weave two-two twill any where you've created a warp on your rib constructed basket.  For instance, on the handle, the sides, or the bottom of your basket.  All are great places to embellish your basket with some pizzazz in the form of twill.  

Get 'er done:

  1. Twill embellishments happen AFTER the basket is woven.
  2. Beginning and ends of a twill woven row get tucked underneath an ear (lashing) so it looks like it's a continuous weave.
  3. The two-two step, (shall we dance?) .  What will you weave, a stair step twill or an arrow twill?  Stair step twill just keeps going up into infinity by one (or until you decide that's enough).  Arrow twill goes to the right for half of the allowed space that your weaving in and then returns back to the left for the other half thereby creating an arrow.
  4. The thinner the material you choose to weave twill with the more design you can weave into your warped space.

Adding twill embellishment on your basket makes an ordinary basket an extraordinary basket.   A perfect gift that will be treasured by family and handed down to the next generation of basket lovers.  We're keeping the basketry tradition going one basket at a time. 

Here's the video:


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Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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