6 Steps to a Swirl-ie

Nope, it doesn't have anything to do with a toilet bowl .  A swirl-ie is a visual pattern that is woven into my basket designs.  Whether its in the Indian Blanket or as a focal point on the Antler Platter basket, a swirl pattern  creates motion in a basket and draws your eye right to it.

The spiral pattern occurs by using a triple twine.  Check the amount of stakes you're weaving on.  You want an even amount of stakes with an odd amount of weavers.  For instance, in the Indian Blanket basket I use 32 stakes and I triple twine the swirl design will head to the right (assuming your right handed and weave clockwise).  However, if you double the amount of stakes to 64 and triple twine your result will change and the the spiral will move to the left.  With that in mind let's spiral.

How to weave the design:

  1. There are two methods of spiraling:   from solid color to light and vice versa.  Let's start with the first.
  2. Choose two colors to work with, make sure they contrast.  If not, your eye will blend the colors and the spiral becomes invisible.  Best choice: dyed and natural weaver.
  3. Begin with a triple twine of all the same color (we'll call ours red) and triple twine (over 2 - behind one) for about three rows (3 red weavers) 
  4. Change out the red weaver all the way to the right to a natural weaver and twine for two rows (2 red weavers - 1 natural weaver).
  5. Change out the red weaver in the center to a natural weaver (1 red weaver - 2 red weavers) and twine for two rows.  Now your spiraling.
  6. If you decide you'd like to go from light to dark just reverse the process start with step #5 and continue to steps 4-3.

Check out the video:

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Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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