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We're launching our COMPLETE VIDEO SERIES on YOUTUBE taking one design at a time and breaking it down into video components that are super easy to follow.  Our first project:   the Appalachian Herb Drying basket. 

If you're new to basketry this is the series you've been waiting for.  We start out by showing you the tools you'll need and identifying what the materials are that come with the kit.  Next we break down each part of the basketry process into short videos that are easily accessible.  

If your a more experienced basket maker and just need a refresher on how to lash a handle with a bow tie lashing you can access  that video.  Maybe you need some tips on how to better start off those first set of ribs. 

Not only are the videos broken down into different areas of instruction all of our hints, tips, and tricks are included in separate videos.  After 30 years in the field talking with lots of other instructors and students we've learned a few things and we pass those basketry hacks unto you.

So what's the cost to access the videos?    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  We of course encourage you to purchase the kit at Jill Choate Basketry and weave along with us.   The Appalachian Herb Drying basket is available in celery green, brick, and huckleberry kits.  

Get ready for LIVE basket classes on YOUTUBE coming in October.  For more information on how to be included comment below.


CLICK HERE to access the KIT


CLICK HERE to access the APPALACHIAN HERB DRYING BASKET complete video series.

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Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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Marcia Finch
Marcia Finch

September 20, 2019

Looking forward to your videos. I have found your previous videos very instructive as I continue to hone my basketry skills. I also have purchased materials from you that I am still enjoying weaving into projects.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge

Lynne Baldwin
Lynne Baldwin

September 19, 2019

This is wonderful idea. I love to make baskets, but do not know anyone else with the same interest. I am really excited to be able to learn more basket techniques.

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