Are you thinking SNOW-shoes!

It's that time again!  We're making another group order for DIY snowshoes.  

This is a once a year - limited time availability offer to get and WEAVE your own traditional snowshoes.  

Gee, that's great but I can't do that by myself.  

We have COMPLETE instructional YouTube videos that take you through the entire process from tips to tails weaving your snowshoes (and did I mention they are FREE?).

Here's just one of them:


So, what do you do with them?

GET OUTSIDE!  If you have not used woven snowshoes you will not believe the difference.  The web of traditional snowshoes keeps you on TOP of the snow AND lets the snow sift back through the webbing instead of gathering on top and weighing you down.  Not into outside but LOVE cabin decor?  These snowshoes are perfect for decoration especially since YOU made them.  

OK, when do I get my kit?  

The opportunity to order your kit ENDS on October 1st.  As soon as the kits are available they will be shipped out to you.  Hopefully sometime by the end of October.  That gives you ALL of November and December to get your snowshoes woven up (in case they are for the holidays).

Do I need to purchase the bindings?

If you are intending to use them for your next snowy adventure yes, you will need to purchase the bindings as well.  If you are weaving them to show in your home then no, you will not need them.

Sign me up!  I'm ready to WEAVE my own snowshoes.

Grab your snowshoe kit by CLICKING HERE offer ENDS Oct 1st!



Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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