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Now offering ZOOM CLASSES to Basket Guilds and organizations


Interested basket guilds can now book a ZOOM class for the design of their choice beginning in September of 2021.  There is a minimum of 8 students to hold a class with a maximum of 12 students.  

Students must pre-pay for class by purchasing the class (includes kit) and have the kit shipped to them by a deadline (designated by instructor) so that they can be received in a timely manner prior to class.  Class fees do not include shipping.  

The Basket Guild is responsible for educating members on how to use Zoom for a class situation.

The best case scenario we've found for teaching on Zoom is part online instruction and part homework by students.  Depending on the design chosen for class pre-class videos may be utilized to make sure students are ready for class.  Students may opt to jump start the class by having certain elements of the basket already completed at the time of instruction.  With some designs this may be a mandate but pre-class videos will be available to help students through the process.  

Two hours instructional segments for 2 to 3 days (depending on design) will be the norm for Zoom classes.  All Zoom instruction is recorded and can be accessed AFTER the class for those that can not make a segment (like a Friday class).

If your guild or organization is interested in booking a Zoom class NOW would be the time to get it on the books.  

We will only be teaching ONE guild class per month beginning in September.  

CONTACT JILL to discuss a date and the design of your choice for class by CLICKING HERE


Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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