BLUE STREAK 4: Gimme some ribs

Like the first set of ribs in the basket.  The first set can be a real pain but let's break it down Jill style.

Spray 'em.

That's right, water is the glue in basketry and even though we DON'T want WET ribs a little spraying on the lashing is a good thing before we start.  Using your awl make 3 holes in each side of the lashing.  Remember, we weave a rib constructed basket upside down.  They will close shut again, just use the awl again right before you insert the rib.

Take a minute and measure the pivotal rib (the one in the center).  If you make them both the same size starting out you have a better chance that both sides will be even when you've completed the weaving on them.

Now let's talk about cutting those ribs...

 Ribs don't like to be blunt and they don't like to be long tapered nothings.  A good cut makes all the difference when fitting ribs and you want to make sure that you can the side that will be going NEXT to the existing rib.  What you want is a nice tapered slype (cut).  If your having trouble with ribbed baskets I can tell you already the problem is the way your cutting your ribs, (see the video).

Six and two on top.

Starting out we want 3 ribs on each side of the bottom of the basket and 2 #8RR on TOP of the rim, (you'll be turning on these).  Starting off is precarious so make sure you have a WET, SUPPLE, weaver.  You'll want to make six rows (3 wraps) to secure these before adding another set (yes, there's more).

The video makes it SO MUCH EASIER, check it out:

 Got those ribs in?  Time to weave them:


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Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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