BLUE STREAK 5: coming back for seconds? Of ribs that is!

Congratulations!  You've got the first set of ribs in, now let's go for round two.  

Left or right?

Decide which side of the existing ribs you will add on.  Doesn't matter which, left or right, but you do need to stay consistent.  It makes it easier to see where you need to add them.  

Taking up space.

Remember that you are trying to join the spaces up between existing ribs so when you measure them they need to be a middle distance between what exists.  

We don't share.

Ribs don't like to share the same space.  That means you can't put a NEW rib on the left and the right of an existing rib.  Actually, you can but you won't like it when it comes time to separate them.  Make it easy on your self and only put a NEW rib on ONE existing rib and make sure you stay consistent by keeping them on the same side (see left or right).

Cut, cut, cut.

Can emphasize this enough make sure your cuts are a LONG, TAPERED, slype.  Blunt cuts will make you want to shred the basket and throw it across the room.  So, if your feeling that way, look at the cut your making again.  On the opposite end of things, don't make your cut so long and skinny that it won't hold the tension of the weave.

A wet weaver is a wonderful thing.

A wet, supple, weaver is a wonderful thing BUT wet ribs are not.  Don't spray your basket, spray your weaver.  You want those ribs rigid not supple and the way to maintain them is by NOT spraying your basket.

A video is worth a thousand words, here it is:


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Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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June 25, 2016


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