BLUE STREAK 6: three times a charm, adding the LAST set

What you've been looking for the LAST set of ribs.  Some things to remember as you begin these.

  1. You don't HAVE to separate the ribs into singles right off the bat.  You can treat those doubles (new ribs plus existing) as a single for a couple rows to hold the tips and THEN separate them into single ribs with the weave
  2. When you add ribs make sure you ADD them in an even amount.  That doesn't mean that you can't have an ODD number of ribs.  It means when your ADDING them it needs to be an even amount.  The weave will ALWAYS be off until it meets it's next partner.  Therefore it's always a good idea to add NEW ribs close together.
  3. Exception to the rule, (there is always one).   If you have an ODD amount of ADDED ribs and the last one is NEXT to the rim and you FINISH the row with weaving (not begin the row) you can get away with an ODD amount of ADDED ribs.

 Make it easy on yourself, watch the videos: 



What's next?  Turn, turn, turn backs and the big stripe.  Stay tuned....

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Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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