BLUE STREAK: How do you make that cool handle? - 1

Rib constructed baskets are just plain awesome but can be daunting for first time weavers.  We're breaking down the BLUE STREAK basket into manageable video bits so that you can take your baskets from "eh" to AWESOME.


First off, the handle.

It's a handle wrap that makes it possible for the twill embellishment to be put on.  If you were a loom weaver we'd say your warping your loom.  Since we're not, we're putting a warp on our handle so that we can weave with twill.

Here's the video to get it done:

 Next up, the blue streak handle embellishment.   Watch for "We're warped, what's next?" coming tomorrow.

Make your own BLUE STREAK EGG basket, get the kit here:  


Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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