BLUE STREAK: Slap a bow on it-3

So we've got the handle warped and the embellishing done.  That handle is looking pretty dang good about now.  Time to put those two hoops together and we do it with a bow tie lash.  


First let's get those hoops lined up together.  You've got two, the handle and the rim hoop.  The handle hoop will all that fancy weave on it is what goes on the OUTSIDE of the two hoops.  The rim hoop is horizontal and the handle hoop is vertical.  Once you've got them lined up it doesn't hurt to take a pencil and make some markings in case they shift around in the lashing process.

Let's Lash.  

The bow tie lashing is a bit different as it starts on heading to the left upper corner and lays on TOP of the intersection between the two hoops.  It heads to the back and then comes back ON TOP of that bit that you started out with.  Once you've come back up to the UPPER LEFT corner, it takes a U turn and comes behind the handle to the UPPER RIGHT corner and then completes the X by heading down to the LOWER LEFT corner.  Then it heads vertically across the back again to come out at the UPPER RIGHT corner again.  Now comes the odd part.  The lasher goes UNDERNEATH the X in the front of the basket, loops back over and goes down through UNDER ALL again and is pulled tight.  Clip off the excess.

Check out the video.

So much more easier than trying to figure out what I wrote above.  Here it is.


 Have you got your Blue Streak kit yet?  Here's the link:





Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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