BLUE STREAK: step-by-step videos

There is nothing more lovely than a fancy handled egg basket.  If you haven't seen all the pictures and videos of these two lovelies on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram please let me introduce you to the Blue Streak Egg Basket.

It's hard to say what I like best about the Blue Streak, the fancy handle, the tie dyed blue accents, the blue ribs, or the big buns but put it all together and it's one dynamic basket.

I'm into the two step process of designing the basket and then weaving it again and breaking it down into step-by-step video instructions.  Just finished the videos up for the blue streak egg basket.   It really makes a huge difference watching how it's done on a video rather than reading it on a pattern.  I'm sure you'll agree.

What you've been looking for the LAST set of ribs.  Some things to remember as you begin these.

  1. You don't HAVE to separate the ribs into singles right off the bat.  You can treat those doubles (new ribs plus existing) as a single for a couple rows to hold the tips and THEN separate them into single ribs with the weave
  2. When you add ribs make sure you ADD them in an even amount.  That doesn't mean that you can't have an ODD number of ribs.  It means when your ADDING them it needs to be an even amount.  The weave will ALWAYS be off until it meets it's next partner.  Therefore it's always a good idea to add NEW ribs close together.
  3. Exception to the rule, (there is always one).   If you have an ODD amount of ADDED ribs and the last one is NEXT to the rim and you FINISH the row with weaving (not begin the row) you can get away with an ODD amount of ADDED ribs.

Check out the instructional videos:



 Blue Streak, put a stripe down it

Jill Choate
Jill Choate


2 Responses

Wilma Dorsey
Wilma Dorsey

May 26, 2017

Enjoyed your instructions, look forward to making this basket. Thank you.

Janice Gardner @ keepteaching
Janice Gardner @ keepteaching

October 17, 2016

The egg basket was my first attempt at basketry many, many years ago and is still my favorite but also the one I struggle with shaping Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful basket ! I look forward to making one.

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