BLUE STREAK: We're warped, now what?-2

Okay, so you've got your handle wrapped with the #8 RR on the sides.  It's all warped up and ready to be woven on.  

The embellishment on this handle is a two-two twill using indigo blue tie dyed reed.  This reed has some beautiful turquoise/blue/purple tones to it so remember to look at the reed and choose what part you want to show off in the weaving of the handle.

Spray your warp on your handle a little before beginning.  That way when using the weaverite tool to get under (or over) the reed warp you won't snap it, (never a good thing).  Make sure to wipe your dyed reed before beginning so it doesn't bleed onto the natural reed.

Start at the end of the handle wraps.  The reed tucks underneath here so that it doesn't show, measure the reed across where you'll be weaving and cut to length.  Begin the two-two twill across the length of the reed warp and tuck into the opposite end wraps once again so it doesn't show.

Starting the second row of weaving you will go over by one stake (see video) to the right.  4 rows of weaving go the right, 3 rows of weaving go to the left, and 3 rows of weaving go to the right again.

That last row can be a bugger.  Before you start it go through each row of twill and pack down tightly.  If you are still having trouble use needle nose plyers to pull through.  This will shred the weaver some so make sure you have a bit extra on that last row.

The video is so much more explanatory, check it out:


Watch for the next video, "Slap a bow on it", coming tomorrow.

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Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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