Broom Making Workshops: Learn how to Tie one on with Jill

Just got back from teaching my first ever broom making workshop in Portland this last week.  That's not to say that it was my first time teaching brooms, just my first time teaching with eleven students in class.  Mostly because I've never had access to the required amount of broom spindles to teach a workshop this large.  Thank you Choate Bros Spindle & Vice for your cooperative efforts to create some solid oak broom spindles and vices for class.  

All you need to craft your own broom is a broom spindle, a broom needle, some broom corn, a broom stick, and some elbow grease.  We don't provide the elbow grease but we now offer all the other essential items.  

Check out some of the brooms from our Portland Workshop.  Those smiles don't lie, we had a great time tying on brooms.

 If you've been wanting to learn the traditional way to craft your own broom and want to host a broom workshop in your area we now offer that service.  

Check out the "Get your own Workshop with Jill" page for specifics on how to host a class.  Can't get one together?  There's always the Western Pleasure Basket Retreat held in Sandpoint, ID in spring.  For information on how to attend check out the WP Basket Retreat page.  

Until then here's a YOUTUBE video teaser on the basics of broom making.



Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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