Rib Constructed Basketry INTENSIVE COURSE

In my thirty-some years of teaching basketmaking what I have found is there are a couple of techniques that may make basketmakers apprehensive. 


These individuals are either enthusiasts of rib constructed baskets or they are NOT (the other is twill challenged individuals but that's a future class).

This course is for the RIB CONSTRUCTED CHALLENGED or the rib constructed ENTHUSED that want to take up their skills a notch. 

In this 4 month course, we are going to show you everything we know about how to make your next rib constructed basket. Every technique, tweak, embellishment, rules of rib construction, how to's, and turn-backs are shared so your rib constructed projects are something you'll be proud of.

What basket projects will be included?

We start off in AUGUST our first project is a melon basket with a braided rim and a 3 point lashing.

In SEPTEMBER, we progress to the Herb Basket with a twill woven embellishment on the sides.

OCTOBER, it's the Egg basket with a braided God's eye lashing w/twill embellishment.

NOVEMBER, we're going square with a rib constructed market basket.


What's included in the course?

1)  4 different kits - 1 each month (see above)

2)  Each kit comes with all materials and a written pattern.

3)  Instructional videos on YouTube

4)  Facetime support by appointment.

What's the fee for the course?

This course is run as a subscription service you will be automatically charged once a month for 4 months for your kit of the month (see above).

Course fee is $110.00 per month plus shipping.

FAQ about the Rib Constructed Basket Intensive Course:

  1. Can I pick and choose the baskets I want to take in this course?  No, this course is meant to build on skills learned in beginning rib constructed projects and increasing in complexity to more difficult projects.

  2. Can I see the finished products that we will be making in class?  Hoops/handles have been ordered for this course.  It takes about a month (or more) for these orders to get shipped out.  As soon as they are available class samples will be photographed and available for viewing.   

  3. When will I get billed?  You will have an automatic billing when you register for class.  Your second billing will occur in August, September, and October.  The final class shipment will be sent in November.




Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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