FALL BROOM kit club

THREE fantastic new BROOM designs for the JCB FALL BROOM CLUB.  

How the JCB FALL BROOM Club works.  

  • Every month for 3months you receive a broom kit with all materials required PLUS an instructional video on how to make the broom on our Jill Choate Basketry YouTube channel to access at your leisure.

  • First delivery of kit number one in SEPTEMBER.  Final delivery of broom kit ends in NOVEMBER.

  • Your credit card will be charged on the day of the month that kits are sent out for 4 months beginning in August and ending in NOVEMBER 2022.  Kit fees are always charged a MONTH IN ADVANCE of shipment.

  • There is a LIMITED amount of memberships for the JCB FALL BROOM KIT CLUB (20).  Memberships will be offered through the end of August OR UNTIL quota of memberships is achieved.

  • SEPTEMBER BROOM KIT:  Round broom with tips-n-tails dyed purple nurl and natural, dyed  broom stick, and embellished with floral spray and tin stars.

  • OCTOBER BROOM KIT:  Harvest broom with 3 different dyed HURL broom corn, pumpkin dyed broom stick, black cane and space dyed reed overlay in twill design, and finally a black woven corset.

  • NOVEMBER BROOM KIT:  Hawk tail broom with woven black reed overlay on handle.

  • QUICK BROOM GIFTS:  A special Christmas broom kit will be available in November that is NOT included in the fall broom kit membership.  Watch for membership sign up beginning in November.


    Normal retail for these classes would be $130.00 each -  as a member of the JCB FALL BROOM club you receive a 20% discount making each kit $104.00 (plus shipping).  You'll be sent 1 kit a month for 4 months.  Every month you'll be charged $104.00 plus shipping for 4 consecutive months.  Kit members are billed once a month beginning in August with the first kit shipment in early September.  


Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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Patricia Jarrett
Patricia Jarrett

August 25, 2022

So excited about the broom club!

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