God's Eye: 4 EASY STEPS

Let's get it together (hoops that is).  The 4 point, or God's Eye, or Ojo de dios, is all the same thing.  A lashing that holds two objects together by 4 points.  Whether it's sticks or basket hoops this lash will solidly hold any two objects together.

When your working with basket hoops something to consider is the wider the basket hoop the longer it takes to get past the width of the hoop.  That means if you really want a nice diamond without a LOT of wraps use a smaller width hoop.  

We're using a 1-1/2" width oval hoop,  you can tell in order for it to span the width of the corners it's going to take a LOT of wraps.

  1. The handle of the basket ALWAYS goes to the outside of the two hoops.
  2. Start behind the two hoops and LEAVE a tail.
  3. Come diagonally across the back, from the top RIGHT corner come across to the bottom LEFT corner, GRAB THE TAIL by coming over it as you head up to the top LEFT corner.
  4. X marks the spot.  You've created a pattern to follow around the 4 points (hoops) in the lash.
  5. Go around the back of the first point and follow the X to the next point (clockwise).  Around the back of the second point and follow the X to the next, and so on.  Repeat until you have the size God's eye you want.
  6. To finish tuck the weaver under one of the wraps of the God's eye and pull tight.

Videos always make better sense to me.  Watch it here: 

Appalachian Baskets that use the GOD'S EYE LASHING:



Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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Errol Nelson pires : errolsan@yahoo.com
Errol Nelson pires : errolsan@yahoo.com

April 18, 2017

EXCELLENT ! Thanks so much for sharing .

Deirdre clarke
Deirdre clarke

October 07, 2016

Thank you for sharing the video. I really enjoyed it.

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