How to Weave a Basket: Adirondack Backpack the complete YOUTUBE video series.

FINALLY from setting out the base stakes to putting on the harness to your  backpack we've video taped the COMPLETE video series for weaving up the Adirondack Backpack.

Here's just one on the playlist:

It's one of those basket projects on your bucket list to weave and who doesn't have a few hunter/gatherers on their holiday list that would LOVE one of these hand made traditional backpacks made by YOU.

So let me give you a couple of hints on how to weave up the backpack and make that perfect belly shape on the front of the basket.  First off, remember that the stakes on the front of the basket are expanding outwards from the middle as it enlarges (sort of like fingers expand out from both sides of the middle).  Then when the largest diameter of the basket is achieved the stakes come back in and tighten up like fingers as they close toward the mid point of the basket.  The second hint...get a measuring tape and use it through out weaving the basket.  That's it! 

Our leather harnesses for the backpack are handcrafted with latigo leather by a local saddle maker in the North Idaho area.  It's the perfect final touch to make your Adirondack backpack truly traditional as well as functional.  Whether you use it for hunting mushrooms in the woods, hauling back your limit of fish from the creek, or just housing a surplus of mittens in the foyer it's a gift (for you or someone special) you'll treasure forever. 

If you are Grab the kit and pick a video (18 in all) we'll show you each step of the way in detail on the Jill Choate Basketry YOUTUBE channel. 


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Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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Cathy Martineau
Cathy Martineau

December 21, 2019

Just finished the medium pack basket, love it. Christmas gift for my son. Grat full for the videos as I did not know how to finish the straps — now I do! Thanks so much for the high quality kit.
Cathy in Maine

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