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We've got over 30 years of hints, tips, tricks, and techniques to share with you on the Jill Choate Basketry blog.

We're talking videos, detailed patterns, and JILL HINTS so that unforeseen problems are taken care of BEFORE they become problems.

Looking for a new twist on traditional designs?  Check out the Lupine Egg, Double rimmed Egg, or the Cherokee Bushel design above.

Ready for the next level of design? Check out the Black Antler Bowl, Katka, and the Kootenay Mountain basket.  Sure to inspire.

How to design your next basketry project?  Check out the blog entries on stacks/columns, twill, and spirals in basketry.  

How to basics?  Like starting a base, learning about turn backs, cut-tuck-and-rim

How to find it?  Do a search on the blog page or scroll through our years worth of information.  

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Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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Irene Holz
Irene Holz

September 03, 2019

Super , to look for new Ideas and hints. Thank you!

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