I will never sell BOUTIQUE dyed reed (until today)


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ADD ON (8/30/18) :  I'm adding on my stash of #2 Round Reed in assorted colors in small quantities.  All of my twined kits are woven in either #3 round reed or #2 round reed.  #2 RR is the smaller diameter of the two types of reed.  If you are wanting to weave detail into your baskets this is your go-to reed.  Vibrant colors and smaller reed make for more design element capability.


 Basketry | Jill Choate Basketry

Now I hate to dye reed and therefore the title "I will never sell boutique dyed reed".  I only dye this stuff in the summer since it's labor intensive and I have a small surplus that I'm willing to share until it's gone. 

What is a "small surplus"?  In some cases 3 pounds of reed and  these will not be sold in anything other than 1 pound amounts.  

What is "boutique" dyed reed?  You know the good stuff.   It takes two to three days to accomplish.  The dye -dry- and- try again until the beauty of the dye combinations reveals itself.  You need hot, dry, weather, and a little wind doesn't hurt either.  

What I've got: tie dyed indigo blue in 3/16" FR, 1/2" FR, and 5/8" FR.  Fire tie dyed (red and yellow) in 3/16" FR, and the mother of them all.  The varigated 3 dyed 3/16" FR in Aurora (blue/green/purple).

Prices are as follows:  all tie dyed reed (2-dye combination) $30 per pound.  All varigated dyed reed (3-dye combination) $40 per pound.





Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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Fire tie dye red & orange plez. 2 lbs?
Fire tie dye red & orange plez. 2 lbs?

August 24, 2018

I am going to be moving 2 whole blocks away next month! Finally have a stufio room

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