Introducing....the WOOLLY WoNkA, kin to the KNIT WIT

Girl, it's cold out.  At least it is in North Idaho, yesterday morning it was -15 and I was thinking, "perfect weather for running the dog team" (if I still had one).  Instead I started working on one of those ideas that have been running around in my head instead of running down the trail in front of me.

I LOVE to knit in winter, especially for that new grand baby.  Things slow down and I start looking for my needles, a hot cup of tea, and a new  project to start working on.  Now, I'm fond of Fair Isle designs, the more color the better in my book (sort of shows in my baskets too doesn't it?)  

When your knitting with a couple of different colors of yarn it's easy for them to get tangled.  Now that irritates me, so I just had to come up with a plan to keep my yarn up off the floor, make it easily flow off the cake (a fancy term for coming off the ball winder), and keep it from winding up with the other color of yarn.  


Tah-DAH!  The WOOLLY-Wonka is a sturdy 3 -legged basket with a wooden base,  an oak bushel handle and a removable liner.    It's the perfect companion basket to the Knit Wit Sewing Caddy with complimentary colors that match.   

  • Handle works PERFECT for threading your work through to prevent tangling.  

  • Wooden base makes start up a breeze

  • 3 basket legs for stability, keeps your work off the floor and cat proof (unless you have a smart cat).

  • Oak bushel handle hangs the basket while not in use (or maybe while in use).

  • Oak bushel handle makes for a great handle to tote, excellent gauge as you knit, and gives you the ability to hang it up out of the way  (from smart cats).

  • Liner is removable and 100% cotton.  Prevents yarn from snagging as you knit.

  • Fair isle knitter?  You need a couple of these, one for each color. The perfect no-tangle solution for the technical knitter.

  • AWESOME place to house your project as you pause for some hot tea and to pet your cat (if you have one, insert pet to pat as required).  


Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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