Get your stash of fabulous dyed broom corn stocked up NOW!

Why be in a hurry to stock up?

The number one reason to stock up on our FABULOUS DYED BROOMCORN is we only dye in the spring and summer months.  Fall weather in the inland northwest means Tule fog and lots of it rising from the canyon off the Kootenay river.  Although we LOVE the cooler temps it also means damp weather making it harder to get broom corn dry.

Our best selection of colors is available NOW.

We've been dyeing broom corn all summer and we've got a great variety of colors in our processed 20" hurl broom corn with loads of stock on hand.  Due to our FALL BROOM CLUB memberships we have a limited supply (if any) of the dyed NURL broom corn. 


If you LOVE color in your brooms our selection is at it's peak and won't be replenished until next spring.

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Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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September 16, 2022

I’m curious of how you make brooms from the start to the finish and all the different colors you make .

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