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Every month ONE member of the PATTERN CLUB will be selected for a FREE ZOOM CLASS (expires 12/31/21 does NOT include kit purchase).

Looking for PATTERNS on the website and not finding them?  That's because we no longer sell individual patterns on the website BUT we've decided to offer a subscription service for patterns and MORE. 


  • Every month you'll receive a Jill Choate Basketry basket pattern 

  • Every month you'll receive a discount code for 15% OFF any kit in our store (expires end of the month)

  • Want to attend a ZOOM class?  You are first in line to do so.

  • Every month you'll receive a discount code for 15% OFF for any ZOOM CLASS attendance (expires end of the month).

  • Every month ONE member of the PATTERN CLUB will be selected for a FREE ZOOM CLASS (expires 12/31/21).

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Once upon a time we did offer downloadable patterns but no longer.  Instead what we're offering is a subscription service for patterns where every month you receive an EMAIL with the link to download a  pattern to your computer where you can then save it or print it out.  Some of these patterns are older and you may already have them in your collection.  Others are brand new patterns for some of our hot off the bench designs.  It's a mix and match scenario some of classics designs as well as new ones as we develop the program.

Can I choose which patterns I want?  

No, the JCB PATTERN CLUB is a random selection of patterns and one is sent by a downloadable link via EMAIL each month to the address supplied. 

Can I get the pattern printed out and sent to me?

No, the JCB PATTERN CLUB is a monthly downloadable link via EMAIL pattern service.  If you do not have the capability of printing patterns this service is probably not for you.

If I already have the pattern offered for the month can I get a different one?

No, one pattern per month regardless of whether you already have the one offered.  We will strive to offer fresh patterns but there will be some classic designs that will be offered as well.

How much does it cost?

If you purchased patterns from us before you'll remember they were anywhere from $10 to $20 per pattern.  With the PATTERN CLUB you have the option of a 12 month subscription for $5.00 per month OR you can choose to make a one time purchase of  $60.00 for 12 months of patterns.

How does it work?

 After you subscribe to the JCB PATTERN CLUB every month your credit card will be debited for $5.00 or if you choose a one time payment of $60. 

An EMAIL will be sent to you to download the pattern of the month. 

You can then save the pattern to your computer or print it.  I would recommend both. 

What do I need to do to receive my patterns?

  1. Be an ACTIVE subscriber to the J Choate Newsletter.  Emails with your monthly pattern selections are sent via mailchimp so the subscription to the above is mandatory.  Not sure? YOU CAN DO SO BY CLICKING HERE

  2. Make sure that the email you submit above is ACCURATE.  If not, your patterns will not be received. 

  3. Make sure that you have not blocked Jill Choate in any way (junk, spam, etc) on your email server or your pattern will not be received.

  4. Haven't received your patterns yet?  February and January patterns have been sent out as of 2/1/21.  If you haven't received yours yet please contact me and we'll see if we can't work out a solution.

What if I want to cancel the 12 month subscription?

When you become a Pattern Club member you have committed to 12 months of patterns for $5.00 per month or if you prefer one charge of $60 for 12 months of patterns.  THERE IS A NO CANCELLATION POLICY for the JCB PATTERN CLUB MEMBERSHIP once the membership has been purchased.

If I joined in February can I get the pattern from January?

No, the pattern for the month that you subscribed is the pattern you'll begin your PATTERN CLUB membership with.

Ready to get started on your subscription - CLICK HERE




Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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Jo Sanborn
Jo Sanborn

January 31, 2021

Can you pay for the full year instead of being charged each month?


January 31, 2021

Looking forward to learning to weave

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