Make a CLEAN SWEEP of it!

A GREAT way to SAVE 20% off DYED BROOM CORN and DYED 1/4" flat oval reed for PLAITING.

Do the Math:

Dyed reed normally sells at $39.00 per pound and dyed broom corn sells for between $19 - $22 per half pound.  As a member of the CLEAN SWEEP CLUB you receive a 20% discount on both dyed broom corn AND dyed reed for plaiting.  Each month you'll receive 4 different colors of dyed broom corn in 1/2 pound increments AND 2 pounds of dyed plaiting material. 

Normal retail pricing for 4 - 1/2 pounds of dyed broom corn and 2 -  1 pound coils of dyed reed  would come out to $157 BUT as a member of the CLEAN SWEEP CLUB  the 20% discounted price is $125.60.  That's a savings of almost $31.40 a month - X4 months is a $125.60 savings.  


How the CLEAN SWEEP Club works.  

  • Every month for 4 months you receive 2 pounds of 1/4" SOLID  dyed reed in the color scheme of the month AND 4 one half pounds of dyed broom corn.

  • First delivery of reed of the month begins in May.  Final delivery of reed ends in August.

  • Your credit card will be charged on the day of the month that you purchased your CLEAN SWEEP Club membership on each month for 4 months beginning in April with the final payment being made in July of 2022.

  • There is a LIMITED amount of memberships for the CLEAN SWEEP CLUB.  Memberships will be offered through the month of April OR UNTIL quota of memberships is achieved. 

  • MAY COLOR SCHEME:  Dyed broom corn in turquoise, purple, light yellow, seagrass green.  Dyed 1/4" FO reed in purple, sunflower

  • JUNE COLOR SCHEME:  Dyed broom corn in sunflower, blueberry, burgundy, hunter green.  Dyed 1/4" FO reed in coral, avocado.

  • JULY COLOR SCHEME:  Dyed broom corn in chocolate brown, red, black, pumpkin.  Dyed 1/4" FO reed in raspberry, turquoise

  • AUGUST COLOR SCHEME:  Dyed broom corn in tips-n-tails, pumpkin, tips-n-tails purple, tips-n-tails turquoise, tips-n-tails green.  Dyed 1/4" FO reed in pumpkin, red.



  1. Can I switch out color combinations?   No, combinations mentioned is what will be sent out as part of the CLEAN SWEEP CLUB.

  2. Can I just get the broom corn and not the reed for plaiting?  No, in order to get the discounted price both reed and broom corn are part of the package.

  3. Can I cancel my subscription?  Yes, if you feel that the club membership does not suit your needs you may cancel at any time during the 4 month period.

  4. Is this the only time you will have dyed reed and dyed broom corn available for sale?  Yes, we only dye reed in fair weather .

Show me some brooms you've used this broom corn with.



Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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