Will it be a BLACK ANTLER bowl or a DRIFTWOOD bowl?

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I've been thinking about this design for a while now.  January is the best time for me to start making some of those ideas into reality and this is the first one of those new designs to get completed.

If you've been interested in trying to weave some of these color patterns that I use in a lot of my basketry the Black Antler Bowl (or driftwood) is a good project to start out with.  It's pretty straight forward and the results are stunning.

This bad boy starts out with a drilled wooden base and a whole lot of stakes to make that awesome design of columns/spirals.  I elevated the sides of the basket to create some shoulders to house the antler in.  With a triple twine followed by a rolled -core-border on top there is no way that antler is coming out of the basket.  This baby is stout.

If you've seen any of my baskets you know that I LOVE color so I put some of my brightest into this basket to show off the design.  

Mule deer is the antler of choice for this design.  They tend to be large and flat (not curved like white tail) and work perfect as a handle.  Now the bad news, mule deer are a western critter and don't hang out back east.  That means I have a LIMITED amount of them available.  If this is one of those kits you HAVE to try then I would grab one ASAP.

 Grab your BLACK ANTLER BOWL by clicking HERE.  


Oh, but maybe your not into antler, here's another option the Driftwood Bowl.  Same very cool design but stacked and a driftwood handle versus the antler.


Handmade Baskets | Basketry | Jill Choate



Grab your DRIFTWOOD BOWL by clicking HERE.  

 Don't forget the FREE instructional VIDEOS for this design.  You can access them by CLICKING HERE

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Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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