Raise your hand if your a first time weaver 🙋

Seriously!  This is the work of a first time basket maker Robin from WA and what she created at the Western Pleasure Basket Retreat last spring.  The Southwest Star Satchel is a double walled design and a challenge for any expertise level but a first-timer, exceptional!

Even though we hope you learn A LOT when you come to the Western Pleasure Basket Retreat you don't have to know A LOT before you come.  We have basket makers with all levels of expertise that attend and quite a few first time basket makers as well.  

How can they make such exceptional baskets at retreat?  We only take a limited amount of students at retreat and we have two instructors on hand giving you lots of one-on-one time (myself and daughter Jennah).  The most important reason is that there is LOTS of time to weave your baskets.  Not only do you get 8 hours of instruction but the Great Lodge is available at any time day or night to continue your weaving.  Whether your an early bird and like getting an early start or a night owl and prefer to weave away the hours in the evening your area is waiting for you in the lodge to do so.  

Here's just a few more examples of some fabulous work with basket makers that are expanding their experiences in basketry.

Meet Yvette from Alberta Canada.  A pine needle basket maker ready to expand her repertoire into reed and she did a fantastic job with this Adirondack Backpack.  

This is the Queen B (aka Brenda) from GA attending her second basket retreat.  That makes 4 total baskets that she's woven up.  We love having her and her sister Mary attend retreat!

Whatever the reason you attend the Western Pleasure Basket Retreat it's always a LOT of fun with some great gals (and guys) that attend.  There's still room for you at the Spring retreat in May 2020.






Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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