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We keep pushing the limits on what can be done with traditional Appalachian basketry. 

The Double Rimmed Egg is a fancy handled basket with a embellishing twill design on not one but TWO rims.  

It starts off with a traditional lauhala bracelet design adapted to a basket handle and ends with a diamond twill design on the TWO rims of the basket.

Woven with tie-dyed INDIGO BLUE weavers it's one that you'll want to try out and share with your friends at your next weave in.

We've included a detailed pattern with our design..

AND links to FREE tutorial videos to help you through the process when a written pattern just isn't enough.  Don't understand the concept?  REWIND, so much better than just reading a pattern.

AND .. we've added links to blog posts on our website on how to make a better ribbed constructed basket.

AND... we've added links to past rib constructed designs with FREE instructional videos access to cover any concepts you may have missed.

AND... we can get you set up with a 20% discount to teach this design to your next class when you order eight or more kits.

WHEW!  That's a lot of information at your finger tips for weaving up this new design from Jill Choate Basketry.

Need all the components and don't want to bother with purchasing a pound of each element required PLUS the hoops, PLUS dyeing up the materials? Make it easy - grab a kit - and get to weaving.  CLICK HERE.

That's great,  but all I really want is the pattern with access to all the information and the FREE instructional videos.  CLICK HERE.

Basketry | Jill Choate Basketry 


Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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July 23, 2019

Am looking forward to making baskets again 😁

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