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Are you plotting out your DIY projects for Fall yet?  I know I am!  I've almost got one sweater done for Grandson #2 and one in the works for Grandson #1.  In my "spare" time I knit for the grand kids before I fall into a coma while watching football.

Here's a great project for your "I really want to weave up a Backpack some day" reality check.  The Adirondack backpack is NOT that hard to weave up.  The magic comes from one thing....a tape measure.  If you measure this basket all the way up the weave process it will turn out beautifully.   

AND if you're going to make a beautiful basket there is nothing more beautiful that a hand crafted leather harness to go with it.  

If you've got an outdoor enthusiast on your list of people to gift this season the Adirondack Backpack is a perfect project.  Yeah, but I don't have anyone to teach it to me.  We've got that covered too.  START to FINISH FREE instructional videos on this bad boy because so many newbies (and accomplished weavers) want to make one.  

AND as part of STOCK-tober will give you 20% off on your purchase of the Adirondack Backpack with or without leather harness.   This is a STASH FLASH offer and the sale ends on Saturday at midnight.  Use the check out code: STASHBACK to receive the discount.

Leather harness choosers take note.  We're currently out of the leather harness and have an order in with the maker.  Our local saddle maker does AWESOME work and like most things that are beautiful and functional it takes time to craft.  Therefore if you're considering donning your beautiful hand woven Adirondack Backpack with a leather harness you'll need to PRE-ORDER it now to have it for the holiday season.  We'll send out the backpack kit out to you when your order is received and your harness when they come in.

Did we mention FREE instructional videos?  CLICK HERE to access them:





Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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