Talking a "Blue Streak" about the BLUE STREAK BASKET


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Let's talk a BLUE STREAK about the BLUE STREAK.  It's one of our most popular kits with customers and you can see why.  There's nothing like two inches of hoop to embellish on a basket.   It makes a truly unique basket and one that will get your family and friends attention.


Let us take you through the step by step process of weaving up this bad boy with our watch-n-weave videos.

1)  First up...the handle.  Warp it first so that you can weave the embellishment on later.

2)  Weave on that Blue Streak weave on the top of the handle

3) Bow Tie Lashing - putting the hoops together.

4) Adding the first set of ribs

5) What the set up looks like and beginning the weave.

6)  Adding the second set of ribs.

7) and yet more ribs....

8) and then of course the LAST set of ribs.


 9) Turn backs revealed

10) Think like a skunk and put a stripe down it.

There you have it!  A whole lot of talking about the Blue Streak Basket.  

Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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June 02, 2017

Very very cool

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