7 EASY VIDEOS: to finish the Adirondack Backpack

Cut and Tuck #1: 



Begin Lash 1


Lash #2

Lash #3

Runners on:

Harness on:

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Jill Choate
Jill Choate


2 Responses


April 14, 2020

i,ve never made a basket but I always wanted to do this can you tell me wat meterials you are using and the thikness of them? greetings from the Neterlands

Bonita Biech
Bonita Biech

June 02, 2018

My favorite basket to make. Working in #28 right now. I have sold and donated may of them to our Spirit Lake Mountain Men re-enactment group. Making my own leather straps has always been fun and challenging at the same time. Thanks Jill for a wonderful pattern.

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