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Sigh-Fogging.  As in, "that deer is just sigh fogging along".  Ahhhh....what?  Which is always my response when in casual conversation Grenetta on her annual visit to North Idaho comes up with another hillbilly euphemism. 

Today's word of the day is "sigh-fogging", probably not the proper spelling but according to the source (i.e. Grenetta) she doesn't know how to spell it either.  I always have to run these by my husband (another hillbilly) and he said he never heard that one but Grenetta claims to have heard it all her life handed down by her Grandma on her daddy's side.

I think it means languidly strolling along but that would be my Yankee definition.


When Grenetta shows up it's quilting time.  I LOVE scrap quilts and I'm always coming up with more complicated designs that we need to put together in a short time.  Grenetta is a proponent of the KISS principle (keep-it-simple-stupid) and I am the opposite.  This year I win and we are doing a rail fence (which is simple) but with wedges because I can't do it THAT simple.

Well if you are fan of cut-cut-cutting this is the design for you.  Three days later we have the 240 odd squares in which to sew together for my great niece's high school graduation.  OMG.  

When I tell Grenetta that during her visit we're just going to "chill" she was not expecting this...

More adventures with Grenetta to come before the week's end and then it will be back to work.


Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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