Weave got... ELK ANTLER!

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It's BACK and just in time to weave up for the summer.  The Elk Prong Oval Basket starts out with a wooden base, some dynamic dyed reed, slides into shoulders and tops off an elk antler handle.  

I've just got back from a visit with Stan the antler man and he's pulled some really beautiful elk antler together for me for this design.  As always elk in the west is LARGE but Stan does his best to put some of the rare smaller stock aside for me so I can offer it to you.

Until it's gone the ELK PRONG OVAL BASKET is once more available for purchase.

Interested in JUST ELK ANTLER with no kit?  You can get that by clicking HERE.


To celebrate here's a 10% off discount code for the week:  ANTLER10  Good for your purchase of the ELK PRONG OVAL BASKET 



Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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Maribeth Woolsey
Maribeth Woolsey

August 21, 2018

HI, Do you have any other colors available for the Elk Prong Oval Kit? I would like something without purple/lavender. Blues would be my favorite. Thanks.

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