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I've been stocking my stash of cool broom handles for a while and have come to the conclusion that I will NEVER make all of these brooms in my lifetime.  Even if I did how many brooms does one person need in a small house?  

Therefore I'm giving you the chance to get some really cool broom sticks for your next project.  These include driftwood broom sticks from Lake Pend O'Reille available for single and wedding broom handles.  Catface broom sticks (healed scars on the wood), aspen broom sticks (light wood perfect for whisk broom projects), and my personal favorite vine choked hardwoods aka "twisty" broom sticks. I have these available in small version (cobwebbers) or 40" length for full brooms.   All these broom sticks have been cleaned, trimmed, and sanded and are ready to be used for your next broom project.  Oh, AND ELK FORK antlers, PERFECT for basket and broom handles.

Also for those interested I've found a blacksmith that is currently working on some wrought iron broom handles and will be available some time this fall.

Not only do I look for cool sticks for handles on Lake Pend O'Reille I'm also looking for sticks for basket handles that have a curve on them.  For a limited time they also are on sale - CLICK HERE.

I also have some ELK FORKS, great for broom AND basket handles.  CLICK HERE




Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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