Yep, I got this biking Jones thing going on. This time I've talked my old pal JUD-EYE (Judi) into doing the western shore of Lake Michigan.  300 and some odd miles of hoofing it up the lake shore and ending at Mackinaw.  The adventure starts in September as I drive back to the home state of Michigan from Idaho.  Stay tuned....


But WHY?

There is nothing more fun than doing a bike trip with friends.  I've been talking Jude into doing bike trips for a couple of years now and every one has been a joy.  Now have I gotten cold, rained on, and encountered bad trails?  Yep, but all those just make for better tales...later.  

Markers have always been put in front of me to make me wake up and take action.  So here is my inspiration for getting back in shape and getting on down the road.  

My sister-in-law, beautiful woman, runner, now diagnosed with ALS.

My Alaskan sister who talked me into moving to the Great Land that suffered a stroke this year.

My step-daughter who is suffering from tinnitis caused by a concussive fall while running.

I think of these three strong, vibrant, beautiful women every day while I train.  



Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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August 12, 2017

Go get um!

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