Double handled - Leaf Platter

PLEASE NOTE:  these branches are shipped GREEN.  If you are going to shape them with pressure you need to do that when RECEIVED while they are still GREEN.  If not you take the risk of the branch breaking (NOT what you want).  

It's what happens when you put two good branches together.  The double handled leaf platter offers some really interesting shapes for a framework to weave on.  Each one like nature itself is a unique creation.  

Kit includes dismantled framework (easily put back together before beginning your project), multiple colors of reed to weave, and rib material.  Dismantled framework enables two things:  1)  you can make it as long as the branches allow and 2)  no need for expensive LONG boxes to ship to you.  

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If you've been wanting an EASY, creative project this is a great one to choose.  

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