Basketry | ZOOM classes with Jill


ZOOM CLASSES with Jill begin in OCTOBER. 

 Date Type Class Description
Oct 23 Broom Hawk tail broom w/color
Oct 30-31 Basket Pine Tree Bucket
Nov 13 Broom Rainbow broom with dragon spit handle
Nov 20-21 Basket Arrows Backpack
Dec 4  Broom Hearth broom w/braided reed neck
Dec 11-12 Basket Dragon Wings

Here's how it works.  Sign up for the Zoom class you want to attend.  The kit will be sent to you prior to class date.  A Zoom meeting invitation will be sent to you prior to class.  Show up for Zoom class on the appointed day/time and weave on line with Jill and classmates. 

For more detailed information on ZOOM CLASSES CLICK HERE.