Antler Mule Half-A-Pocket KIT

Mule Deer Antler Basket | Jill Choate Basketry

What's the difference between a MULE deer antler an a WHITE tail deer antler? 

  1. Mule deer antler are flatter than white tail with less curve.  That makes for a much LARGER area to design and weave in.  The one above measures 19" in width on the main beam of the basket.
  2. Mule deer antler is only available in the Western US which makes this antler harder to come by.  They have large ears (hence the mule name) and they bounce over trees versus leaping over them like their white tail cousins do (very cool to see).  
  3. There are a LOT more white tail deer than mule deer so baskets made with mule deer antler are more unique.  
  4. Both mule deer and white tail shed their antlers every year unlike horns that are there for the duration of the life of the animal.  Think of them like annual teeth (except they grow out of there head).

We've got an antler dealer that has connections and right now we've got some BEAUTIFUL mule deer antler in stock.  I just had to come up with a wall design to showcase these guys with a variety of different weaves that use TWINING techniques to achieve.  Twining on a rib constructed basket?  Whaaaat?  Yep, that's right check out the videos by clicking here .

Here's the really cool thing about the Mule deer Half-A-Pocket basket.... it comes with the majority of the ribs woven in by me before you receive it.  

It's like getting a kick start to your basket!  Every antler is different and unique and your basket will be as well.  When you receive your kit you'll be ready to start weaving with color and design instead of trying to figure out how and where to put the ribs in the basket.


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