Blue Streak Egg Basket

 The BLUE STREAK EGG basket LIVES and the kit is available through the holiday season.

The Blue Streak Egg Basket is a traditional rib constructed design from Appalachia but we jazzed it up a bit.  

The handle is wrapped and embellished with tie dyed reed in blues and turquoise in a two-two twill.  Ribs are blue with a TN bow tie lashing in tie dyed reed as well.  The effect is stunning with the underlying blues and touches of turquoise through out the basket.  

The perfect event gift to treasure for a lifetime or make one for yourself to treasure. 

PLEASE NOTE:  if you are purchasing the PATTERN ONLY option of this design.  ALL PATTERN purchases are sent to you VIA EMAIL as a DOWNLOADABLE .PDF FILE.  You will receive a confirmation of the purchase and a link to receive your pattern as soon as your purchase is confirmed.

HOW do you do THAT?  videos (total of 8) for each step of the way, here's the first three: 




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