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The weather is warmer and we are starting to fire up the dye pots!  Please remember that we only sell reed in one pound increments.   Pictures of reed depict COLOR and not necessarily SIZE of reed description.

Our colors are VIBRANT.  It's dyed with professional dye over a two to three day process.  If it's a tie dyed reed, it's completely dryed between dye pots with takes some extra time but it's worth it.  

We dye outside in warm weather.  That being the case there is only a LIMITED time that we sell our dyed reed products.   We encourage you to grab those luscious colors while you can because they won't be around for long. 

We'll update what is available as it comes out of the dye pots and is ready to ship.  If there is a particular color/size your DYEing (pun intended) to have drop us a note and we'll get it scheduled.



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