Boutique Dyed Reed

Jill Choate Basketry

PLEASE NOTE:  due to COVID-19 related shortages on dye we have a limited amount of dyed reed that we can sell.  SOME DYES are now unavailable with a "no replacement for this color anytime soon" status.  

What are customers are saying:

"The dyed reed arrived yesterday!!! The colors are delicious!!! Thank you" - Jennifer S.

"Thanks!  I really appreciate your prompt service and the reed is beautiful – very inspiring!"  Debbie P

"Thank you,  It is beautiful." - Doreen K.

"I purchased several boutique dye reed coils and OMG!!! The colors are brilliant. I loved them so much I ordered more colors. I can’t wait to use them in my baskets." - Jackie D.

Our colors are VIBRANT.  It's dyed with professional dye over a two to three day process.  

PLEASE REMEMBER:  that we only sell reed in one pound increments (that's one coil).   Sorry, we don't break up reed into smaller packaging (i.e. 1/2 pound, 1/4 pound).  Pictures of reed depict COLOR and not necessarily SIZE of reed description.

PLEASE REMEMBER:  We dye outside in WARM weather (spring/summer).  That being the case there is only a LIMITED time that we sell our dyed reed products.   We encourage you to grab those luscious colors while you can because come Fall - we stop dyeing.

We'll update what dyed reed is available as it comes out of the dye pots and is ready to ship.  



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