Ready to take your broom making to the next level?  The JCB BROOM KIT CLUB is ready to help you get there.


Monthly Broom Kits that contain all MATERIALS required for the monthly project.  Broom kits do NOT however include tools such as broom spindle, broom vise, and broom needles. 

PLEASE NOTE:  broom vises and broom spindles are currently OUT OF STOCK.  They can currently be PRE-ORDERED for an APRIL 2022 delivery. 


A YouTube video accompanies each kit and can be accessed with a password when it's convenient for YOU to take the class.

How does the BROOM KIT CLUB work?

Every month beginning at the end of January you will receive a broom kit via UPS (or USPS) with all materials to craft your broom.  You will also be sent an email with an access link to the instructional YouTube video that you can access by password.

When you purchase a SUBSCRIPTION to the BROOM KIT CLUB your credit card will be charged $98.00 every month for four consecutive months beginning in January and continuing through April.  

PLEASE NOTE:  ONE subscription equals 4 broom kits.

Four months of broom projects that begin in January and end with the last course in April.  

What BROOMS will we be making?

January class - Cobweb broom - introduction to plaiting a broom -  this is the fundamental broom that all things NURL broomcorn rely on.

February class - Hearth broom - adding on to what we've learned in January's class a plaited hearth broom with NURL broomcorn. 

March class - Antler Whisk Broom - you can tie a broom on just about anything- and in this class we'll use a deer antler to prove it.  NURL broomcorn used.

April Class - double broom with an antler handle.  I would usually teach a double broom with a forked wood broom handle but I have a good stock of antler and that will work great as a first endeavor into double brooms.  NURL broomcorn used.

DEADLINE to sign up for the JCB BROOM KIT CLUB is JANUARY 23rd so that we can get BROOM KITS out to you in a timely manner.

We can only accommodate so many club members before we have to cut off registration for the JCB BROOM KIT CLUB.  If you are interested in becoming part of this introductory kit club we encourage you to sign up soon!

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