Forest Temple

When you love to tramp around the woods as much as I do it's bound to result in a new woven design.  The Forest Temple is constructed with red osier dogwood, dyed reed in a variety of colors and an antler hoop with a sprinkling of bling to set it off.  This structure starts at the top and works down.  Arrow weave, checkerboard weave, 3 rod rand, twining as well as 4 rod rand are utilized to achieve the different designs in the structure.    The beauty of this design is there is so much room for interpretation.  The design can be just like mine but it doesn't have to be  - I invite you to let your imagination (and hands) run wild.  

Because there is a short harvest period in North Idaho before the snow flies to gather the red osier dogwood for this design it will ONLY BE AVAILABLE for a LIMITED TIME.

PLEASE NOTE:  The red osier dogwood that is the focal point in this design is shipped GREEN.  The red osier dogwood HAS to be worked with the material being GREEN or it will not bend the way that is required to achieve the cone shape on the design and bust.  If you can't get to creating the kit right away you may take the red osier dogwood and place it in a freezer to retain it's GREEN flexibility until you are ready to make the design.  

Approximate dimensions:  36" tall with a diameter at the base of 13", 

Type: Unknown Type