Herb Drying Basket

The Herb Drying Basket is based on an old Appalachian design that was historically used to harvest and dry garden herbs for winter use.   Our updated rendition of this classic design uses a 2" wide hoop that lends itself perfectly for some twill embellishment on the sides of the basket.

The hoop for this basket is stout, custom made to our specifications, measuring 14" in diameter and crafted from red oak.  Coupled with a 14" D handle this makes a large enough basket to house a 10" pie with room in between for a great presentation.

So what do you use it for (since not everyone dries their own herbs)?  My favorite...serving pie, but it works just as well to present quiche for breakfast, cheese and crackers for an appetizer, or just a place to house mugs on the counter.  Available in celery green, brick red, and NOW in Huckleberry (yum). Our rattan reed is custom dyed over a two to three day period and the results are rich and vibrant.  

If you've been wanting to try a rib constructed basket this is an excellent choice to begin the journey.  The Herb Drying basket does not require a lot of ribs to baffle you with and they are added on the bottom of the basket and result in a flat plane where the basket sits.  An excellent choice to start if you've been wanting to weave up a melon or egg basket in the future (check out the oval melon basket, and the blue streak egg basket  for your next project).  

PLEASE NOTE WHEN ORDERING KIT:  We are currently OUT OF STOCK for the required handles.  They are scheduled to be received 9/12/19.  You can order your kit NOW but it will not be shipped until handles have been received.

PLEASE NOTE:  if you are purchasing the PATTERN ONLY option of this design.  ALL PATTERN purchases are sent to you VIA EMAIL as a DOWNLOADABLE .PDF FILE.  You will receive a confirmation of the purchase and a link to receive your pattern as soon as your purchase is confirmed.

Here are some great instructional videos to help you through the process: 


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