12 months of patterns to download and print out for $5.00 per month.  One each month of your subscription.  A pattern link will be sent to you the first week of the month to download and print out. 


Monthly discount code offered on kits.  


First dibs on ZOOM CLASS signs ups.

CHOOSE (as of 6/8/21) one installment of $60 for a one year subscription.

PLEASE NOTE:  By purchasing a membership to the JCB PATTERN CLUB you are committed to 12 months of $5.00 pattern purchases or 1 payment of $60.00 for 12 months of pattern purchases.  THERE IS NO CANCELLATION POLICY for the one year MEMBERSHIP

BY PURCHASING A MEMBERSHIP in the JCB PATTERN CLUB I have read the detailed information (below) and agree to all terms. 

For more detailed information on how the JCB PATTERN CLUB works click here. 

I didn't receive my PATTERN!

PLEASE check your spam, promotion, junk, etc. file before contacting me that you did not receive your pattern.  I can review your file with Mailchimp and see the date/time the email was sent and date/the time that you opened the email. 

PLEASE communicate with me via the email that you subscribed to the JCB Pattern club with.

PLEASE NOTE:  a receipt for the payment of your monthly $5.00 pattern fee IS NOT an email with a downloadable link to receive your pattern.  (see below).

If you think you have not received your pattern in error please read the following to help you locate it.  In rare instances it may have not been sent to you but it is usually NOT the case.

  1. JCB Pattern club patterns are sent via email by Mailchimp. 
  2. They ALWAYS are sent out around the first of every month. 
  3. They ALWAYS have the same subject line in the email:  JCB PATTERN CLUB: (month). 
  4. They are ALWAYS the same format. Photo of PATTERN CLUB pattern of the month followed by two BLACK rectangular boxes.  First one states:  MONTH of ____ PERKS INFO, the second one states PATTERN CLICK HERE.  You can either CLICK on the top photo or the second black rectangle to download your pattern.  The two links provided are in PDF format and they will open on a NEW tab when clicked.



If you receive this email (below) it is a receipt for payment of your monthly $5.00 fee that your account was charged.  It is NOT a downloadable email to receive your pattern.


Basketry | Jill Choate Basketry

 If this method of receiving patterns gives you difficulty then it could be that the JCB Pattern Club is not a viable resource for you.  Utilizing Mailchimp as a mailer is our only venue for emails that are required to be sent out in bulk quantities. 

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